Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use a kit?

It is recommended that ALL men and women over the age of 40 have a BowelCare test EVERY YEAR..

Where do I get a kit?

Persons wishing to obtain a test kit after the pharmacy sales have ended should contact BowelCare Head Office on 02 4349 5555

What do I do in the results are positive?

A positive test does not conclusively indicate a polyp or cancer.  There are many other reasons why human blood was detected and the test was positive.  All positive test results should be investigated.  Any further investigation or remedial treatment is managed by your own doctor.

What does it cost me?

BowelCare Kits will be sold for $20.00 each.  The price covers pathology testing and notification of results to both the participant and the nominated doctor.

Will this program continue when the government's national screening program (NBCSP) is fully rolled out by the year 2019?

When the government’s national screening program (NBCSP) is fully rolled out by the year 2019, only persons aged between 50-74 will be eligible every second year.

In the most recent Government reports of the NBSCP, the eligible population invited to this program reported a participation rate of 37%, meaning that more than 63% of the invited patients who should be screened, are not being screened for a whole variety of reasons.

The Rotary bowel screening program by comparison is not restricted by age group. In fact approximately 50% of person’s returning a Rotary test are not eligible for the free government test – that is they are either under 50 or over 74 years of age or do not fit the specific age eligibility of the NBCSP in the respective year.

In 2016, Rotary has seen a remarkable 85% national participation rate.  That is, 85% of the kits sold were used by patients and processed through to the Laboratory.  When comparing the success of any screening program around the world, 85% participation is without doubt, a most outstanding and successful result.

There are many key elements that contribute to this success such as the long established relationships with community pharmacies, familiarity with the Rotary brand and the test itself and habitual annual screening where participants are accustomed to purchasing a kit from pharmacy in the same period every year. Therefore resulting in high awareness of the need to screen.We believe the value of the Rotary BowelCare and Bowelscan screening programs is not to compete with the government program but to complement it and hence increase the overall participation of screening for the risk of Bowel Cancer in the Australian population.